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Plywood Sheathing

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To All:

I recently read the note sent by Mr. Patrick Rodgers concerning his
cautionary tale about the acceptability of plywood panels not stamped by
APA.  Mr. Rodgers apparently could not identify the lab that sent him
information about the plywood used on his job.  I do not believe he was
in contact with one of our labs, but I just wanted to provide some
general information about plywood sheathing for everyone's benefit.

Oriented-strand board (OSB) and structural-use plywood panels are tested
and certified to U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS 2-92, Performance
Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels.  Panels certified to PS 2
by an accredited agency are equivalent to and interchangeable with
panels of the same grade listed to the same standard by other accredited
agencies.  End users can be assured that when panels are stamped (i.e.,
certified) by a recognized agency such as TECO, PFS, or APA, the panels
meet requirements of the appropriate standard, in this case PS 2-92.
Consequently, when designers need to specify a particular grade of
panel, as Mr. Rodgers' firm did, it would be more appropriate to specify
PS 2 panels rather than panels from a particular certifying agency, as
all agencies certify to the same standard for OSB and structural-use

TECO is an approved compliance assurance agency through NER-QA135 with
panel properties (including shearwall and diaphragm loads) listed in
NER-133.  Our clients' mills are certified to produce various grades of
plywood and OSB, including Structural I.  I welcome any questions you
might have regarding our clients' mills or their panel products. 

Being able to tune into the SEAOC network for grassroots discussions
about these and other construction related issues helps us
serve our clients more effectively and ultimately helps us help
designers, builders, and consumers like Mr. Rodgers.  Keep it up.  


Steve G. Winistorfer, P.E.
Vice President of Operations
TECO Corporation
2402 Daniels Street
Madison, WI   53718
(608) 221-3361   ext. 36
e-mail:  stevewin(--nospam--at)