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Re[2]: Civil PE Exam

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     Yes, they can be bought. . . . For more than $400!!  
     I'm another engineer scheduled to take the October exam.  I've seen 
     Chelapati's books and they look extremely valuable.  However, forking over 
     that kind of cash for something I'm only going to use once is just more 
     pain than I can handle.  
     Maybe I'm cheap (at least that's what everyone tells me), but the real 
     question is this:  Is there anyone out there who would be willing to part 
     with their review manuals (1990 or later) for less than the $400 that we'd 
     have to pay for new ones?  

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Subject: Re: Civil PE Exam
Author:  <JRGuer(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    6/16/98 9:18 PM

They can be bought if you want just the manuals or were you looking for a 

At 03:37 PM 6/16/98 -0400, you wrote: >     
>     A few colleagues and I will be taking the PE Exam this October.  We're >  
  looking for recent (1990 and later) PE review manuals or notes, and 
>     we're specially interested in acquiring Chelapati's six volumes.  Any >   
 help would be greatly appreciated!
>     If you are able to help us, please email me at >     
>     Thank you very much!
>     Vanessa