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RE: Civil PE Exam

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Roger brings up a great issue for those taking the PE. I did the same thing
when I took my PE exam. The grader is more interested in knowing that you
understand the principles and methodology more than if your math is correct.
Therefore, a great consideration is given for those who can explain how to
complete a problem. I'm not sure if you would be given full credit, but
certainly you would be given some credit for showing how you would complete
the problem.
Please remember Rogers advice - I'm sure it helped me pass the first time
And good luck to all of you taking the exam.

Dennis Wish PE
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I think that *anyone* taking an exam should go into it with the philosophy
that he/she wants to show how much they know, not how well they can finish
one problem.

That was the philosophy that I used when I took my (Arizona) P.E. exams many
years ago.  I first looked at the exam and found out how many problems had
be done, then I divided up the time by the number of problems, e.g., 4
problems in 4 hours would mean 1 hour a problem (high math!).  Then I would
knock off 15 minutes, and allot myself 45 minutes a problem.  At the end of
the 45 minutes, I would *stop* working on the problem, even if I had it
"almost" finished, and go on to the next problem, and so on.  After I had
worked the allotted time on each problem, I would go back to the first
problem and narratively state (or complete) in 15 minutes (max.) how I would
complete the problem.  I felt that way, I would be showing "how much I

Unfortunately, this method can't be used with multiple guess tests --- they
just want to see if you can come up with the same answer that they did,
whether or not you used the right method.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona