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RE: Re[2]: Civil PE Exam

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Professor Chelapati teaches at California State University Long Beach. His
review course is very well known to engineers in Southern California. The
review manuals are a compilation of subjects written by various well known
engineers. I remember on section written by John Shipp from EQE.
I have not purchased the set, but have borrowed a copy or two over the
years. Most engineers that I know who purchased the set are reluctant to
part with the books since they become excellent reference manuals in
You might try contacting Cal State Long Beach - engineering department for
more information. I would think that the books are carried in the CSLB book
The books are used in conjunction with the review course. The course starts
some twelve weeks or so before the exam and meets on Saturday a week until a
week or so before the exam.
I have not taken the course or purchased the books and am therefore speaking
from what I remember of the ads and having personally reviewed a few of the

Hope this helps.
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>I'm also registered for October exam and have Chelapati's manuals.
>They look
>like a very good reference source.  What's money when you're investing
>in your

I rather buy the books.  Where can I get it?  I have not heard of this
name.  Is this a complete name "Chelapati's"?

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