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RE: Jupiter(2)

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All the "administrations" have done and apparently will do the same 
thing. Ignore everything!

Jose Diez PE, Fl.

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>Subject: RE: Jupiter
>Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 11:41:23 -0500
>What's even MORE amazing (and very aggravating, from CIA's point of =
>view), is that the CIA DID know that something was up, HAD given the =
>administration the information, and was told to "not worry about it."
>This is due, some believe, to the "cozy" relationship the Clinton =
>Administration has developed with the Chinese.  Remember, the Indians =
>conducted those tests to respond to what it said was "aggressive =
>movement" on the part of the Chinese, directly and through the =
>Pakistanis.  This is because of the shipment of materiel to Pakistan =
>from China.
>Clinton and Co. were briefed on ALL of this, but didn't want to make a 
>big deal about it.
>Then, when the chips fell, they responded with their signature "Hey, I 
>heard about  it on the news same as you!  Whatta ya know!"  Amazing 
that =
>they can get away with the Gomer Pyle act, when "not knowing" borders 
on =
>CRIMINAL when your hand is on the switch, running this country's 
foreign =
>Then they take the CIA down with them, making it seem that they didn't 
>know what was going on, when they in fact DID know, and had told the =
>A few "facts" that are overlooked in the public consciousness, proving 
>that the Clinton propaganda machine has no parallel in hoodwinking the 
>duped (with our cooperation, of course).
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>From:	Cezar Aanicai [SMTP:kaa(--nospam--at)]
>Sent:	Thursday, June 18, 1998 10:59 AM
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>Subject:	Jupiter
>Isn't it amazing that the CIA couldn't tell that India was exploding
>nuclear weapons, but NASA thinks that a planet 450 light years from
>Earth is twice the size of Jupiter?
>Cezar Aanicai, S.E. - Romania
>"We are all in the depths of a hell where every moment is a miracle"
>[Emil Cioran]

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