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RE: Jupiter(2)

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The problem of Irak was totally mismanaged. The victor was Saddam 
Hussein. He remained in power which determined his "victory" This 
country shall learn to go to war TO WIN! ONLY! Otherwise stay home.

Kuwait is an invention of the British Empire. Just like Hong Kong, 
Gibraltar, Malvinas (Falkland Is.), Belize, Guyana, and perhaps I forgot 

The British  took small portions of important territories for reasons 
beyond this response. Eventually all of these British adventures have 
created international friction. The Portuguese did the same. Kuwait is 
part of Irak although in my opinion Hussein shall be kicked out of power 
at any price and risk, even now.

Viet-nam... I don want to make this a long respone. It is obvioous all 
the administrations did not have the will power to win the war. This is 
the ONLY country in the world that goes to war to negotiate. Unless that 
trend is reversed, the other party is the real victor. Remember when the 
US army had Mexico defeated, and withdrew!  Now they have an entire 
nation where they teach school children anti-americanism and 
anti-imperialism and the "administrations" still gave them the "free 
trade agreement". I would have created a mexican army in exile (funded 
by a special tax levied on the mexican immigrants and other americans). 
I am sure things would start changing there immediately. 

Reagan handled Granada correctly. Panama was poorly handled. 

Jose Diez PE, Fl.

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>All the "administrations" have done and apparently will do the same 
>thing. Ignore everything!
>Jose Diez PE, Fl.
>[Bill Polhemus]  
>Hm.  Interesting.
>So you think the Bush Administration ignored the problems with Kuwait?
>Reagan ignored Libya?
>Nixon didn't handle Vietnam?
>I'd love to hear more.

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