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Re: Jupiter

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It's nice to see that Rush Limbaugh has joined our little band of merry

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.

In a message dated 98-06-18 12:36:44 EDT, you write:

<< What's even MORE amazing (and very aggravating, from CIA's point of view),
is that the CIA DID know that something was up, HAD given the administration
the information, and was told to "not worry about it."
 This is due, some believe, to the "cozy" relationship the Clinton
Administration has developed with the Chinese.  Remember, the Indians
conducted those tests to respond to what it said was "aggressive movement" on
the part of the Chinese, directly and through the Pakistanis.  This is because
of the shipment of materiel to Pakistan from China.
 Clinton and Co. were briefed on ALL of this, but didn't want to make a big
deal about it.
 Then, when the chips fell, they responded with their signature "Hey, I heard
about  it on the news same as you!  Whatta ya know!"  Amazing that they can
get away with the Gomer Pyle act, when "not knowing" borders on CRIMINAL when
your hand is on the switch, running this country's foreign policy.
 Then they take the CIA down with them, making it seem that they didn't know
what was going on, when they in fact DID know, and had told the
 A few "facts" that are overlooked in the public consciousness, proving that
the Clinton propaganda machine has no parallel in hoodwinking the duped (with
our cooperation, of course).