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Screwed Gypboard Shearwalls

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Not from a structural point of view since I don't know the difference in
shear capacity of the screws versus that of the nails and from what I
hear gypboard provides little shear resistance, but from past experience
I prefer to use drywall screws since nails have a tendency under
vibrations (big,old apartment buildings in NYC have that) to pop out and
kick out the compound.


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> Subject:	Screwed Gypboard Shearwalls
> Now I know that Gypboard shearwalls are not used in California, but I
> was
> hoping that someone out in SEAOC Listserv world would have an answer
> for us.
> The UBC has values for the nailing of gypboard shearwalls, but we have
> contractors that want to screw the gypboard in lieu of nailing.  One
> of our
> engineers was at a job site and the gypboard shearwalls were all beat
> up from
> the nailing while the screwed non shearwalls looked great.  Has anyone
> ever
> seen or allowed screws to be used in lieu of the nails?
> Patricia Small
> Tucson, AZ