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Re: Screwed Gypboard Shearwalls

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Ask the Gypsum Assn. in Washington, DC.  Bob Wessel of GA commented that screws
tend to break (brittle fracture or low ductility) in shear wall applications, so
they used nails when deriving shear wall values.  However, doesn't UBC gypsum
wallboard provisions have some rules on substituting screws for nails, but maybe
not for shearwalls?  Screws are preferable in fire-rated assemblies, at least for
John Rose/ Tacoma, WA

CTSTUC(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Now I know that Gypboard shearwalls are not used in California, but I was
> hoping that someone out in SEAOC Listserv world would have an answer for us.
> The UBC has values for the nailing of gypboard shearwalls, but we have
> contractors that want to screw the gypboard in lieu of nailing.  One of our
> engineers was at a job site and the gypboard shearwalls were all beat up from
> the nailing while the screwed non shearwalls looked great.  Has anyone ever
> seen or allowed screws to be used in lieu of the nails?
> Patricia Small
> Tucson, AZ