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ICBO ER Anchor Bolt Values

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I've been unsubbed from this list for a while, and have missed 
anydiscussion which may have taken place on this topic. I have 
unsuccesfully searched the archives, also.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone is aware that the ICBO reports have, over the 
last couple of years, added a comment sort of like "The use of these 
anchors to resist wind and seismic loads is beyond the scope of this 
report." This of course, effectively removes ICPO "approval" of the 
anchors. I think by now that they have pretty much disavowed (shades of 
the IMF) use of all drilled-in, mechanical anchors, but not the chemical 

I have several questions that I am hoping some of the list members may be 
able to help with.

1. Why?

2. I have always understood that ICBO "approval" is required for code 
compliance, however I can't find where it says this in the code. If my 
assumption is correct, can anyone quote me chapter and verse?

3. What are y'all using instead?

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