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Re: Steel bolts pulled thru steel plate

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Mr. Lawson

In fact, if I could combine Sassan's David's and my own ideas, we can say
depending on the size of the geometry, thickness of the plate and location of 
bolts, failure mode may vary from plate bending (for large 
plate-size/thichkness ratios), to punching shear around the bolt bolt head
(for low size/thickness ratios). I suspect, however, that a bolt connecting
a small and thick plate does not fail in tension before punching through the

For plate bending failure, a refined finite element model is well justified when
usually elastic limit is sought. For ultimate non-linear inelastic analysis
of the plate may be necessary (e.g using ADINA). Using computer analysis is
well justified if you are dealing with one or two configurations for a
sensitive connection. A simpler and more general formula based on yield line
theory may be easily developed for variety of size and configuration. Mind
you, results of finite elememet program must be verified somehow, and a
sound way is using yield line approach to find an upper bound solution to
the problem.  


Majid Sarraf

>Mr. Lawson,
>You might try looking up a shear 'punch-through failure' in a steel design
>reference such as "Design of Steel Structures" by Salmon and Johnson. Just
>a thought, a little late at night...Hope this helps.
>David Taquino
>Recent Graduate :)
>UCSD-Structural Engineering
>On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, John Lawson wrote:
>> Does anyone have a source or recommendation for calculating the strength
>> of a bolt pulling through its own hole in a standard plate (for
>> example:  an anchor bolt pulling through a base plate in uplift)?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> John Lawson SE
>> Kramer & Associates Structural Engineers
>> jlawson(--nospam--at)

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