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Blast design

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I believe I am late responding this , but anyway I recall a while ago somebody
requested information on blast design.
I just finished a design for Las Vegas Federal Courthouse which for obvious
reasons required a blast design, so I thought I will share a brief list of
references that will give you a good start in the subject.

-  The Institute of Structural Engineers, " The Structural Engineer's Response
    Explosive damage".
-   Mays, G.S and Smith, P.D, " Blast design effects on Buildings: Design of  
    Buildings to optimize Resistance to Blast Loading".
-   National Research Council, " Protecting Buildings from Bomb Damage".
-   Eve E. Hinman & David J. Hammond, " Lessons from the Oklahoma City 
    bombing. Defensive design techniques".
-   Fema 277, " The Oklahoma City Bombing: Improving Building Performance
    through Multi-hazard mitigation".
-   NAVFACP-397 (TM5-1300), " Structures to resist the effects of Accidental
-   AFMAN 32-1701 ( TM5-853-1,2), " Security Engineering Concept & Design".
-   Corley, Gene, "Multi-hazard mitigation following the Oklahoma City

I hope this help. If you want to chat about this, you can call me at (213)

Juan Carlos Esquivel, S.E
Martin & Peltyn, Inc.