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Re: Screwed Gypboard Shearwalls

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Roy G Taylor wrote
> I am sure that my former work collegue, Bruce Shepard, also of New Zealand, won't mind if I let you in on the fact that we take three zeros 
of Bruce's "Gib" and "Braceline" sheathed plaster wall cladding system 
lateral load capacity most of the time.

Considerable push-pull laboratory testing on gypsum board bracing 
systems has been done under simulated seismic conditions to the point 
where quite a high level of confidence is held in at least one 
manufacturer's proprierty sheathed gypsum board wall cladding as a 
seismic bracing system. 

Cardboard sheathed gypsum board is well established here as the main and 
often only bracing system in 3 or 4 story timber buildings.

A major advantage in practice is construction cost savings because
the smooth wall gypsum board linings which are there
for finishing and fire rating reasons  etc also forfill a major 
structural function at no or small extra cost.

Roy G Taylor Peng (Canada,Structural)