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Re: Blast Resistant structures

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Bob -
  Just out of curiousity - Have you recently attempted to order a Corps TM via
the USACE web site? This past month I attempted to order the blast design TM
with the following results: my E-Mail to Karl Abt(I used the E-Mail address
listed on the home page) was returned as undeliverable; per my phone
conversation with the Hyattsville distribution center, I was informed that TM
orders must be made with the the St Louis District; per my phone conversation
with that location, I was informed that an account must first be established
prior to ordering any TM's. My point is that this entire process was not
exactly "seamless". 

    In the past, I have ordered EM's, ETL's, EP's, etc. via USACE's web site
without a problem. Trying to obtain a TM, however, was very frustrating. Have
you encountered a similar problem? 


Charlie Canitz, PE