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RE: other lists [pressure vessels]

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>If you find one let me know.  I chair the Nonbuildings Technical 
>Subcommittee for the BSSC, and have members in that field of work.  The 
>problem is that the vessels are often proprietary.  You will not find a 
>very free exchange of information.

The only other forum I know is at the ASME web site 
Piping>. It's fairly clumsy but there are some interesting posts. There's 
been some confusion among people looking for an official Code 
Interpretation by the Code Committee. This forum doesn't provide such--if 
you want an Interpretation you have to submit it the hard way. 
Regrettably the ASME is also entering the information age the hard 
way--dragged by the neck, kicking and screaming. The National Board 
<> is also a good source for information but 
there's no mailing list. If you're interested in boiler technology 
steam-l <SUBSCRIBE STEAM-LIST firstname lastname> is a pretty good list, 
but there's very pressure vessel code chatter.

BTW, we pressure vessel wonks aren't really all that close-mouthed. But 
after all the bitching over 'damn cookbooks' one minute and lack of 
detail guidance the next, we tend to wait 'til we're asked. ;-> 

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