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RE: June Board meeting minutes (SEAOSC)

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It is very encouraging that SEAOC has reacted in a positive way with regards
to communications via the Internet. I guess I can feel more comfortable
about sending in my check for this years dues :o). Some

Although Shafat states that "all board members do have an email account
now", either the links have not been updated or several of the e-mail
addresses are the same, specifically "seaosc(--nospam--at)". What this implies
is that Don Gilbert has to monitor the e-mail traffic, print out the
messages and forward via hard copy to the addressee. The highest ranking
member I found with their individual e-mail account was James Lai,
president-elect (whom I am very anxious to see take office).

As of right now, it is not really obvious when a new post (meeting minutes,
etc.) has been posted at the website. Right now, I am dependent on Shafat
posting a message to this listserv that there is new material at the
website. It would be nice if the process were more automatic. I have my
default web page set to the SEAOSC web site and it would be nice if there
would be some sort of notification there (I've seen enough about the survey
results and the convention for that matter).

After reading the letter signed by Manny Morden and James Lai with regards
to SEAOSC vs. SEAOC, I'm not exactly certain what the implications are of
the conclusions made in the letter. I guess there has been a lot of
discussion about ownership of the listserv, etc. The only issue that I am
remotely familiar with is the struggle of control/power at the state or
regional level. From what I've read both in the letter and on this listserv,
most support a strong regional section and maintain a state office from
which to "funnel" the regional effort. If that is a correct interpretation,
I support it. With regards to "ownership" of the listserv, I believe it
would be a gross injustice to ignore the time, effort and money put into the
listserv by SEAOSC and the volunteer efforts of its members who made the
website and this listserv possible. If members in other sections feel that
they can do as good of a job and have a "right" to ownership, then I believe
they should state their justifications.

I guess the next step for me to push are to have committee documents handled
in a similar way as the board of director meeting minutes. Also, a schedule
of committee meetings would be nice. The "committee" section could use a
little more function.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank Manny Morden, James Lai,
Shafat Qazi, Don Gilbert and anyone else who played a part not only in
making SEAOC more responsive to the membership but also taking this
organization one step closer to e-committees.

Bill Allen

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From: Shafat Qazi [mailto:seaoc-ad(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, June 22, 1998 2:58 PM
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Subject: June Board meeting minutes (SEAOSC)

This is probably the first time in the history of SEAOSC that the board
meeting minutes are available to the membership in less than three weeks
from the actual meeting date.

SEAOSC board met on Wednesday June 3, 1998. Don Gilbert was recording the
minutes right there on his laptop. Within 48 hours, he sent the first draft
of the minutes to all the board members via email. (BTW, all board members
do have an email account now). The minutes went back and forth via email
several times until today. The final agreed version of the board minutes
was then sent to me to post on the web. Yes, you can read it at:
Once you get to the home page, simply click on SEAOSC on the left menu bar.

SEAOSC intends to post all of their future monthly board meeting minutes on
the web.

Thank you for your feed back.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.
Chair SEAOSC CAC and
Newly elected SEAOSC Director.