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UBC Sect 1807.2 - Interconnection of Pile Caps

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I have been researching code requirements for the interconnection of 
pile caps to answer a Contractor who is questioning the need for the
ties because an SE out of Seattle has been designing buildings here
(Honolulu - Seismic Zone 2A) without interconnection of all the pile 
caps with tie beams.

I want to make sure I have all the "answers" when questioned about this
issue.  Structural Safety is of course my first concern but I do not
want to be overly conservative either.

The research I have done is as follows, the UBC requires "every
structure subjected to seismic forces shall be interconnected by ties"
Since every structure (except maybe Zone 0) would be subjected to
seismic forces all strucutres would require inteconnecting ties.  

The ASCE 7-95 requirements however relate this requirement to the both 
theuse and seismic risk - for example a non essential building in Zone 
2Awould not require ties per ASCE 7-95.  

The 2000 edition of the UBC (IBC 2000 DRAFT) sect 1807.2 has been 
replaced w/  "Three or more piles connected by a rigid cap shall be 
considered as being braced,..." which appears to indicate that 
interconnection of the pile caps would not be required in this 

Is there a good source of info for where the IBC DRAFT revisions are 
coming from?  Is there a new version of the "Blue Book" that has gone 
into more detail about pile interconnection?

Thank You