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Screwed Gypboard Shearwalls

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>For screwed gyp-sheathed steel stud walls the A.I.S.I. has published shear
values. Ref:- K.H.Klippstein and T.S.Tarpy Jr., Shear Resistance of walls
with steel studs, American Iron and Steel Institute, June 1992. The values
are based on 20 gage studs.  The recommendation therein is the same as the
U.B.C. in that a 50% reduction shall be used for seismic zones 3 & 4.  A
possible limitation in some situations is that both sides of the wall must
be sheathed.  These are not I.C.B.O. approved values.  They indicate that
tests were in accordance with ASTM E 564 specifications and the acceptance
criteria for sandwich panels defined by the research committee of I.B.C.O.  
>Also for screwed plywood on steel studs check out  "John R.Tissell,
Structural Panel Shear Walls, Research Report # 154, American Plywood
Association, Tacoma, WA., May 1993."  These values are only for 14 to 18
gage studs, the thinner 20 gage studs are not covered. These values do not
appear to have I.C.B.O. approval.  You could contact A.P.A. for further
info on this item.
>I hope this may be of some help.
>Steve Rex, S.E.