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RE: J Bolts

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> Sent:	Wednesday, June 24, 1998 6:00 AM
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> Subject:	Re:  J Bolts
> I would suggets that anyone evaluating cast in concrete "J-bolts" also
> obtain a copy 
> of EPRI NP-5228-SL, "Seismic Verification of Nuclear Plant Equipment
> Anchorage."  
> (EPRI is the Electric Power Research Institute.)  Particularly Section
> 2 of this 
> document which discusses the capacity of various types of concrete
> anchorage devices 
> including J-bolts.
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	[George Barclay]  

	I would like to thank everybody for the input.  As it turns out,
my company had this EPRI document buried in its library, but I would
have never looked for it were it not for the list responses.  My
personal feeling on this issue for new construction...headed anchors,
good..."j" bolts, bad!


	George Barclay, P.E.