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Welding Of Steel Moment Connections

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     It is my understanding that welding electrode coatings produce a 
     gaseous shield to exclude air and stabilize the arc.  Consequently, 
     the work area must be protected from wind to preclude dissipation of 
     the protective shielding gasses.  However, in practice, I rarely see 
     the Structural welding work areas shielded in construction projects.
     This raises a few general questions.
     1) Do AWS D1.1 and UBC allow field welding (wire not stick) with no 
     provisions for shielding the work area from a 20 mph wind at a dusty 
     2) Does the lack of any noted indications from subsequent UT 
     inspection of these welds mean they are OK?
     3) Do the answers change if these welds are the beam flange to column 
     flange welds of a "Reduced Beam Section" moment connection design?
     Rick Drake, SE
     Fluor Daniel, Irvine