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Re: Welding Of Steel Moment Connections

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Not all welding processes are gas shielded. Because wind is a factor for 
those that are, the use of gas-shielded processes is limited as a 
function of wind speed exposure.


Rick.Drake(--nospam--at) wrote:
>      It is my understanding that welding electrode coatings produce a
>      gaseous shield to exclude air and stabilize the arc.  Consequently,
>      the work area must be protected from wind to preclude dissipation of
>      the protective shielding gasses.  However, in practice, I rarely see
>      the Structural welding work areas shielded in construction projects.
>      This raises a few general questions.
>      1) Do AWS D1.1 and UBC allow field welding (wire not stick) with no
>      provisions for shielding the work area from a 20 mph wind at a dusty
>      site?
>      2) Does the lack of any noted indications from subsequent UT
>      inspection of these welds mean they are OK?
>      3) Do the answers change if these welds are the beam flange to column
>      flange welds of a "Reduced Beam Section" moment connection design?
>      Rick Drake, SE
>      Fluor Daniel, Irvine