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Re: Welding Of Steel Moment Connections

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>in practice, I rarely see 
>     the Structural welding work areas shielded in construction projects.
>     This raises a few general questions.
>     1) Do AWS D1.1 and UBC allow field welding (wire not stick) with no 
>     provisions for shielding the work area from a 20 mph wind at a dusty 
>     site?
A workmanship issue. AWS D1.1.3 addresses windy conditions but not a 
specific wind speed. In an argument, I'd probably take the position that 
it was OK with me as long as the qualification tests took place in a 20 
mph wind, and there were means available at the site to keep the wind 
speed below 20 mph. (At which point, if the guy were a weld supervisor, 
he'd probably say something unpleasant and stomp off, and I'd write a 
short respectful note to his boss, clearly showing it was copied to *my* 
boss and the job file.)

>     2) Does the lack of any noted indications from subsequent UT 
>     inspection of these welds mean they are OK?
Another workmanship issue. The answer is 'not necessarily.' Lack of noted 
indications means any or all of the following:
--There were no indications
--The indications were inaccessible to the UT equipment 
--The procedure was inadequate to find the indications
--Indications were found but ignored or mis-interpreted
--The operator didn't or couldn't look carefully.
--The indications were masked by non-relevant indications or design 

>     3) Do the answers change if these welds are the beam flange to column 
>     flange welds of a "Reduced Beam Section" moment connection design?
Think for a minute. Should poor QA be permitted for any weld design, let 
alone welds intended to resist structural loads?

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