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FOS for overturning

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I am resending this because of some spelling error in my prevoius email.
You are correct that the 10 Kip uplift  will have no overturning effect if
the footing is just sitting on the ground with no soil on the sides but the
fact that there is soil  around the sides which will most probably be
passive soil pressure creating a lever arm which will induce an overturning
moment from the 10 Kip uplift force.
That is why so should also include the soil pressure on the side as one of the resisting moments.

I hope this explains it.


Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

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>I think the statement on statics is correct, but I was only talking the
>context of the 10 kip load.  Statics claims it alone overturns about each
>the same amount.  I.E. the net overturning of the load is zero.
>Lets also assume the column load is the rear column of a frame with that
has 2
>columns and a beam that overhangs one column enough that the dead load
>reaction of the rear column is an upward 10 this would be a 10
>dead load.'
>My example did not assume it to be a wind induced load, but I do realize
>you are pointing out.
>I have asked this question in the past to others, and I am yet to get
>consistant answers.  There does not appear to  be an obvious answer.