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RE: Steel - Acme thread

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Have you thought of going to a manufacturer of these?   We did a project
a few years ago where we used Duff Norton Jactulator mechanisms.
Basically they are acme screws with gear boxes that can be advanced
along the screws.  We added hand cranks, etc. This all supported
machinery which had to be height adjustable.  See

Ed Marshall, PE
Atlanta, GA

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> The rod will be turned periodically to adjust elevation under load.
> It is part of a machine of sorts.  I want to avoid galling and thread
> fouling.  The Acme threads are squared (as opposed to triangular for
> UNC threads) in profile and made for moving machine parts.
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> 	McMaster-Carr lists Acme threaded rods, studs, nuts, coupling
> nuts, and other
> 	specialized nuts in their catalog.
> 	Harold, what advantage is offered by Acme threads over
> conventional threads?
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