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RE: Estimating

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Liability is one issue, loss of revenue is another. Believe it or not, there
are some firms willing to take e-files w/o title blocks, put their own title
block on it and call it their own. I would discourage any distribution of

Bill Allen

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Subject: RE: Estimating

Most engineering offices, including one that I previously worked for, seem
to be reluctant to issue electronic drawings, because they can be changed so
easily.  One workaround is to remove all title blocks and anything else that
can identify you with the project.  With this done, I can't see that you
would have any liability issues attached to it.


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> Is it common for engineers and architects to NOT release electronic
> versions of their drawings?   We have been doing this for a couple of
> years.  It seems to be very helpful for take offs and interference
> checking.  However my office is part of a state agency.  And perhaps
> propriety is less of a concern.
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> Subject:  Estimating
> To the List:
> I am looking for a software program that will assist with quantity
> "Take
> Off" for Cost Estimating.
> Generic CAD had a "Take Off" program that would work on CAD drawings.
> Unfortunately most Architects and Engineers in my area do not want to
> release CAD versions of the Bid Drawings.
> So what I am looking for is a software package that will use an "E"
> size
> Digitizer and work with up to "E" size prints to help speed up the
> process
> of taking measurements and developing quantities.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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