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Re: Trading of Electronic Drawing Files

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I think requesting CAD softwares to supply a method of Read Only to files
would be a very large boost to all of us.

As far as Electronic files, I do not prefer giving them for several reasons.  

1.  When someone wants to go in business against me or others that use some
form of CAD, they have a big advantage.  If they can get enough of mine and
other peoples cad drawings, they can save themselves hours of development of
details, blocks, shedules  etc by basically "borrowing" those that someone
else spent time developing.  Makes it too easy to get into the business
cheaper.  We already know that for the same amount of money spent on computer
systems, they will have better and faster hardware.  I do not mind competion,
I just prefer not to be a good neighbor.

2.  I have seen too much piracy of paper drawings. I can imagine what
electronic ones will become.  I have seen someone cut and paste and entire
project onto someone elses  title block (that had a stamp) and vice versa.  It
actually occurs both ways. Steal the project OR steal the seal.  I have seen
this on jobs drawn 100% on paper.

3.  Years ago the drawings were not CAD.  Now they are.  If contractors and
Owners are SAVING money by getting our files....why CAN'T we get paid
something for the use of them.  Seems it is the usual engineer pay
scale....spent our time, effort and technology someone else saves
some money.

And again..I hope the CAD people are tuning into this would be a
great feature to add.  A block that cannot be exploded or plotted (if any
layers are turned off).  Good idea.