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RE: Analysis Standards - Nomenclature?

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I haven't tried a 3-D model like you describe, but I have use Ram Steel to
model two and three story wood buildings with fairly complicated loads paths
(ie, lots of point loads from posts above picked up by beams below).  Works
well for getting the reactions I need, but confused the heck out of plan
checkers who saw something that said "Steel" in it and just figured we'd
designed the framing in steel but forgot to change the drawings.  Whatever.


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Subject: Re: Analysis Standards - Nomenclature?

I'm also interested in knowing a fast and accurate way of tracking loads and
doing calcs.

I do everything by hand right now and I have to go back to previous
calculations of beams that transfers loads to lower beams and so on,  and I
calc each beam by hand.  Any wall at the upper level that moves will involve
recalculations of a lot of beams below.

I think any 3d frame program will do this.

Bruce, in RISA3D , can we model a simple or very complicated wood framed
in 3D?

For example:

1. Plywood shtg is a horiz plate where we apply uniform vertical DL and LL
and horizontal wind load
2. The plates distribute the loads to rafters, joists and studs.
3. The reactions from rafters, joist and studs are transfered to
headers,beams, and girders.
4. The reactions from headers, beams and girders goes to posts/columns, dbl
studs, trimmers, etc.
5. The reactions from posts etc. and walls becomes oint and uniform load to
design the lower level joists, beams, etc

In other words, if each and every member of a wood framed house is inputed
structural members on RISA3D and we apply uniform vertical and horizontal
loads on the plywood roof and floor and wind load on wall shtg(seismic loads
can be applied as a percentage of the DL applied horizontally), will all
or combination of loads be applied to appropriate structural members?

Can we simplify the series of joist or studs as a single member to save on
inputing time? (we only input a single joist or stud at the critical span)

Can we get the size of any member we choose? (not all since we dont need
for all rafters/jsts, beams, studs and column but only the critical ones).
Can we get printout of calcs for selected members only showing span, loads,
end reactions, bending moments, etc.?

Maybe, the other expensive programs used for big steel buildings can do all
most of these analyses right now but small offices doing wood framed houses
for small fees cannot afford them.

Ernie Natividad