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RE: Trading of Electronic Drawing Files

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I don't have the Professional version of WordPerfect Suite 8 and I have never used Envoy. If successful, does the viewer need WP8 to view the files? If so, this is not a good solution. The file format should be application (and platform) independent.
The PDF method sounds interesting. What is the least expensive version of Adobe Acrobat would I need to do this translation?
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My comments are within the text.

Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

Dennis FYI:

I believe .plt files CAN be converted into editable vector files but it
takes a little work. I think even a piece of software as economical as
Hijaak Graphics Pro (~$100) can do this.

PLT file are simply HPGL file for the printer, it can be imported by most graphics packages and then exported as a DXF.  Then Autocad will do the rest.  However, in all of the filter operations there will a lot of changes in line weight. etc.

The file format for web pages is a .dwf file. .dwt files are template files
but I got your point.

Do you know what would be REALLY nice? If we could somehow make a file "read
only" and to change this attribute of the file to "off" would require a
password. Once this happens, I believe we could feel more comfortable about
distributing electronic versions of our work.

Bill,If you have the Professional Version of WP8 Suite installed this is already available.  The Envoy document publisher allows you to limit security of the documents, including letting you leave it as a self-executing binary which can only be viewed on the screen.  We have tried at our office to break the security with Screen Print to clipboard and CTRL-C and have yet to get a metafile to paste.

The really neat thing is that iIt works just like a Windows printer and will export the fonts that you select.

Unfortunatley, Tumbleweed software no longer supports this wonderful software.  The next best option is to buy the Adobe publishing package and use it.  Expensive. But PDF is the accepted US government medium.

Arvel L. Williams, P.E