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Re: Analysis Standards - Nomenclature?

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<< Bruce, in RISA3D , can we model a simple or very complicated wood framed
<<house in 3D?

Hey, RISA-3D can do anything! ;-)

<< For example:
<< 1. Plywood shtg is a horiz plate where we apply uniform vertical DL and LL
<< and horizontal wind load
<< 2. The plates distribute the loads to rafters, joists and studs. 
<< 3. The reactions from rafters, joist and studs are transfered to
<< headers,beams, and girders.
<< 4. The reactions from headers, beams and girders goes to posts/columns, dbl
<< studs, trimmers, etc.
<< 5. The reactions from posts etc. and walls becomes oint and uniform load to
<< design the lower level joists, beams, etc
<< In other words, if each and every member of a wood framed house is inputed
 <<structural members on RISA3D and we apply uniform vertical and horizontal
 <<loads on the plywood roof and floor and wind load on wall shtg(seismic
 <<can be applied as a percentage of the DL applied horizontally), will all
 <<or combination of loads be applied to appropriate structural members?
Yes, this would work in RISA-3D (as well as in a number of other programs).

<< Can we simplify the series of joist or studs as a single member to save on
 <<inputing time? (we only input a single joist or stud at the critical span) 

Yes, and I would highly recommend this if you aren't actually sizing the
components of the joist itself, etc.

<< Can we get the size of any member we choose? (not all since we dont need
<<calcs for all rafters/jsts, beams, studs and column but only the critical
<< Can we get printout of calcs for selected members only showing span, loads,
<< end reactions, bending moments, etc.?
Yes you can do all this. 

<< Maybe, the other expensive programs used for big steel buildings can do all
<< most of these analyses right now but small offices doing wood framed houses
<< for small fees cannot afford them.
 << Ernie Natividad
 RISA-3D, as well as SAP2000, StaadIII, ROBOT, etc. is a general purpose
program that can handle everything you've described, though if you are ONLY
going to be doing wood structures, you should probably take a look at some of
the wood-specific programs as well, such as WoodWorks, QLAT, etc. (I'm not
really that familiar with them so I can't offer an opinion as to their

Bruce Bates
RISA Technologies