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Re: [humor]

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Dear Lew,

 Please do not use GOD's name in vain. He created all things. A correction,
part of his creation is a wastewater gateway and a Production tool but
mostly used as a  lovemaking tool.


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Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 2:51 AM
Subject: [humor]

> Three engineers were sitting around arguing about what kind of engineer
> used to design man.
> The first one said, "It had to be a mechanical engineeer.  The body is
such a
> marvelous complex of muscles, bones and ligaments all working together in
> perfect harmony."
> The second one said, "It had to be an electrical engineer.  Think of the
> beauty of the nervous system and the brain."
> The third one said, "It had to be a civil engineer."
> The others looked at him dumbfounded.  He continued.  "Who else would have
>run a wastewater line through a recreational facility?"