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Re: Temporary Construction Fence

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The _PROPOSED_ ASCE standard "Design Loads on Structures During
Construction" is currently in the fourth committee ballot.  Relevant
suggestions are:
6.0:  "The basic reference for computation of environmental loads is the
1995 edition of ASCE 7."
6.1.1:  "The design wind speed shall be taken as the following factor
times the basic wind speed in ASCE 7:
	Construction Period	Factor
	less than 6 weeks	0.75
	6 weeks to one year	0.8
	one to two years	0.85"  "For construction between November 1 and July 31 (outside of
the hurricane season), the unfactored basic wind speed of 90 mph shall
be permitted for structures sited near the Gulf Coast and Eastern
Seaboard where ASCE 7 specified basic wind speed exceeds 90 mph.
	"Between August 1 and October 31, basic wind speed of 90 mph shall be
permitted provided additional bracing is prepared in advance and applied
in time before the onset of an announced hurricane."

Remember, this is still just a _PROPOSED_ standard.

Phil Hodge

Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering, Inc. wrote:
> We are providing some design advise for a contractor constructing a
> temporary design fence around there construction site. The fence is 12'
> high with the first 4 ' plywood and the remaining 8' a geotextile
> fabric.  The fence is intended to be a "good neighbor" fence to minimize
> dust etc from leaving the construction site.
> Was looking for some reference in the code about reducing the wind loads
> for a temporary structure.  Since the fence will only be up for 6 months
> the likelyhood of a hurricane or major wind storm is small.  Does anyone
> know of a reference for design loads on temporary structures?