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Re: Building an additional storey to an exis

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To carry on what Roger has stated (excellent point, Roger):  If, as you implied,
the only problem is confinement reinforcing in the original construction (or did
I misunderstand?), adding confiment reinforcing can be messy and time consuming,
but it does not need to be exceedingly expensive.  Phased properly, there would
be disruption to the hospital, but not impossible to deal with.

You now have the ethical question to deal with that Roger brought up.  You know
the structure is not adequate by today's standards, especially with an added
story.  Is it adequate under the code it was designed under?

Good luck, it will be interesting to hear what others have to say on this timely
subject (In California we now need to structurally upgrade hosptials.)

Rick Ranous

Roger Turk wrote:

> Terrence Turner wrote:
> . > We have heard that the design will not proceed if we propose an
> . > expensive and time consuming retrofit of the existing structure.
> If this is the basic question, then I would suggest that you consider what
> *your* professional responsibility is.
> Is getting the job more important than structural adequacy?
> Are you (rhetorically) professional enough to give the client the *bad* news
> as well as good news?
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona