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Re: Analysis Standards - Nomenclature?

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Dennis S. Wish wrote:
> We still need to discuss how to track loads and reactions. Have any of you
> using either a spreadsheet or MathCad figured a standard to use where you
> can tell which member the load applies or the reaction occurs from? 

After my standard beam calcs for any given beam, I add a line that
converts R(sub)rdl [for the right dead load] to R(sub)FB1rdl.  Then on a
lower level, P1(sub)dl might equal R(sub)FB1rdl + R(sub)FB2ldl.  I like
my designations to be in my subtext so it is easy to pick out point
loads, reactions etc. and then look at where they came from.  I also
start each beam calc with the call out, ie: FB1 Floor beam o/ garage,
and make sure it is bold.  I even set up all my initial design loads at
the start of my calcs so when doing uniform loads for any beam, I just
input the appropriate variable times the trib area.  That way, when
looking at any beam calc, I know where all the loads come from without
having to go back to the drawings.  It also makes it real nice if
roofing material, or flooring changes.  Make the change in the initial
load descriptions, and the calcs get changed throughout.  If a bearing
wall moves, and the trib area to a beam changes, change it in one place
and the change is reflected thoughout.

Steve Privett