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RE: Pringles Contributions

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Allow me to jump on the congratulatory band wagon for Sandy.  I have also reviewed Sandy's document, suggested changes, but have not yet implemented all of it on a project.  

Defining the roles of inspection, testing, and observation is long over due.  Sandy's efforts are the closest thing that I have seen to a bulls eye.  This sheet is very important for compliance for the 1997 UBC, but will be even more important with the 2000 IBC.

Thanks Sandy.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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Had a chance to go over Inspector Sandy Pringle's model specification for
Structural Inspection, Testing and Observation, the one he has offered to us
for free!. He is certainly to be commended for a well thought out document. I
haven't used it on a project yet so I haven't scrutinize each word, but it
appears to be a very valuable starting point that can be modified for
particular situations (his name already included in the specification can of
course be substituted with your choice for the designated inspection agency,
but you certainly could do worse than use Sandy).

Sandy has for many years been a valuable source of information and advise
regarding inspection and testing, generously giving his time to SEAOSC
committee work and always willing to share his wealth of field experiences.

Thanks Sandy.

Charles Laines, S.E.
Long Beach, California