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RE: Pringles Contributions

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I like to complement Sandy for the excellent document he has put togather.

Thank You Sandy!
Keep up the good work!


At 6/29/98 08:04 AM, you wrote:
>Allow me to jump on the congratulatory band wagon for Sandy.  I have also
reviewed Sandy's document, suggested changes, but have not yet implemented
all of it on a project.  
>Defining the roles of inspection, testing, and observation is long over
due.  Sandy's efforts are the closest thing that I have seen to a bulls
eye.  This sheet is very important for compliance for the 1997 UBC, but
will be even more important with the 2000 IBC.
>Thanks Sandy.
>Harold Sprague, PE
>Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.
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>Had a chance to go over Inspector Sandy Pringle's model specification for
>Structural Inspection, Testing and Observation, the one he has offered to us
>for free!. He is certainly to be commended for a well thought out document. I
>haven't used it on a project yet so I haven't scrutinize each word, but it
>appears to be a very valuable starting point that can be modified for
>particular situations (his name already included in the specification can of
>course be substituted with your choice for the designated inspection agency,
>but you certainly could do worse than use Sandy).
>Sandy has for many years been a valuable source of information and advise
>regarding inspection and testing, generously giving his time to SEAOSC
>committee work and always willing to share his wealth of field experiences.
>Thanks Sandy.
>Charles Laines, S.E.
>Long Beach, California