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Re: How to find actual e-mail address?

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"P.Rajendran" <rajendra(--nospam--at)> wrote:

	Very often we are flooded with unsolicited mail.  When replies to
	mails are attempted, out of anger or out of curiosity, nothing seems
	happen.  The computer simply waits, probably trying to locate the
	giving an impression that the address of the sender of original post
	could be phony.  Am I correct in my conclusion?  If so, is it
	to get the correct address of the sender.  If not, the sender could
be a
	crook or a con artist, in which case is it possible to bring him to
	authorities?  (Example: ca101(--nospam--at)

For about 10 years I've operated a couple of public computer bulletin boards
(BBS) that are connected to the Internet. A couple of years ago I converted
one BBS to a private system to receive e-mail for a home-based business.
Today about half of the messages received by that system are SPAM
(unsolicited e-mail) sent to former users of the BBS. My BBS sends an
automated reply to advise the sender that the addressee couldn't be found.
Roughly 80 percent of those replies are returned addressee unknown, meaning
the sender's e-mail address is bogus about 80 percent of the time.

Legislation is wending its way through congress to require senders of
unsolicited e-mail to include valid contact information in the message.
Until something like that happens, you'll have to refer to SPAM-related
state laws to determine your rights and what to do about the problem.
Washington has such a law and California's considering one. I'm not sure
about other states.

One other note. Some people are inserting extra text in their e-mail address
to foil automated programs that gather addresses and add them to SPAM lists.
Usually these same senders also include a note at the bottom of the message
telling you what text to remove before replying.

  -- Ted

Ted Smith <tsmith(--nospam--at)>
   Seismic Hazards Mapping Outreach Coordinator
   California Department of Conservation
   Division of Mines and Geology
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related information.