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Re: Wood - replacing sill plate of bearing shear walls

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Tom -

Unfortunately for your client, I think Option 1 (shore, remove and replace the
sill plate) is the only feasible choice here despite the cost and
incovenience.  We have faced this same situation several times, and have
always used Option 1.

The problem with Option 2 is twofold.  First, It really chops up your sill
plate badly so that to get the required 2 bolts minimum per piece of sill
plate requires bolts at 8" oc assuming studs at 16" oc.  And this assumes that
you don't care that the little bit of sill plate directly under the stud has
no bolts.  Second, the highest loaded portion of the sill is directly under
the stud, and you are not even repairing this piece.  Not a good idea, I'm

All in all, I'd vote to go for Option 1.  Don't forget to check whether or not
you need to extend your shoring up all three stories.  Also beware of cracking
your ceiling with the shoring.

Good luck,

Bruce Resnick,SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.