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Re: Steel Moment Connections

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Bill Sherman wrote:

> ...The response I got was that AISC assumes that the bolts
> will be in bearing due to dead load during erection and the examples shown
> are intended for non-high seismic conditions.  Personally, I feel that
> slip-critical bolts should be used in such connections to prevent
> overloading the welds.
> It should be noted that the LRFD commentary suggests torquing the bolts
> before performing welding when using slip-critical bolts in combination with welds
> (see commentary for Section J1.7).

I though that,

Properly tightened high strength bolts are not
expected to slip under service loading.

The LRFD section you refer to is intended to apply
to those welds where the heat may
warp the faying surfaces of the bolted parts, such
as when you bolt and weld a shear
tab to a web.

Stan Johnson, PE, Of course, some offices have
sexual harassment policies that prohibit the
use of welds in conjunction with bolts on the
third tuesday after winter solstice (except in
leap years when the lowest high tide in the Gulf
of California > 0.5Fy, and the welds are
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