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Re: Continuity ties

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Thanks for your comments Ernie and Hugh.
I just got back from the Building Department and "argued" the case with the
plan checker who (now) basically agreed with me that the "continuity ties" in
the longitudinal direction (to the non-existing cross end wall) need only be
used for the subdiaphragm analysis.
First he asked me talk to the supervisor and to apply for a "Administrative
Modification". Then he saw me standing there and waiting in line for the
supervisor, He (the plan checker) then asked for the plans and went to the
supervisor himself. 
Without a Modification the following agreement was reached: Extend the
"continuity ties" to a depth equal to the smaller building dimension (1:1
diaphragm ratio) which in my case saved the owner the installation of 44
Harlan HD7's. (Btw., Harlan has higher L.A. City approved HD values than

Antonio S. "Tony" Luisoni
Consulting SE