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Re: L.A. City, Division 91

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I also disagree with the misinterpretation of the purpose of these "continuity
ties". But I put it on my drawings anyway when I get a plan check correction
requiring these ties to extend from wall to wall. If you have a 500 ft long
building.....though luck.

I think they should not be called continuity ties since it gives us the wrong
impression or suggestion that they should be continuous from end to end. They
should be called just an ordinary wall tie that should extend the whole depth
of a subdiaphragm that resist the wall seismic pullout forces. The end
boundaries of this subdiaphragm should be the shear walls that extend to the
ground, drag members that connect to such shear walls, or continuity ties that
extend to the depth of another subdiaphragm conforming to similar
requirements. It may take a few example problems to clarify these analyses.

Has anybody else out there tried to argue this misinterpreted requirement with
the city plan checker? How did it go?

Ernie Natividad