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Re: welded moment connections

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     You can find the SAC testing database at  I do not know if it includes 
     your condition but there is a lot of data there.
     Thomas Hunt S.E.
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: welded moment connections
Author:  <BostonBTE(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    7/1/98 7:42 PM

Is there a database anywhere in the public domain documenting tests performed 
on lateral load resisting moment frames. I'm aware of the FEMA publication 
listing about 30 odd tested connections. I'm interested particularly in the 
performance of connections where a wide flange beam is oriented y-axis 
vertical and is welded flange to flange to a wide flange column. ( like a 
Massachusetts currently has language in the latest edition of their building 
code requiring full scale tests of welded frame connections for buildings 
where frames provide the lateral stability.