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Re: Trading of Electronic Drawing Files

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I know I had the 'printer' Envoy in win-95, but I can't find it now.  I've recently upgraded to WP
Suite-8 (maybe it was in Suite-7), and upgraded to NT.

I've been experimenting with the DWF format (Web format that can be viewed by Netscape or Internet
Explorer).  That seems to be a good solution.  The DWF format can be zoomed panned and printed, albiet
the printing is single lineweight.  What do others think of sharing files using the DWF??

The DWF format can be ftp'd to a web site, or can be emailed, saved to disk and then viewed with the


Arvel L. Williams, P.E. wrote:

> Mr. Midlam,
> Sorry for the delay in responding, very busy lately.  First you need to have the Professional
> version of Suite 8.  If you don't then you don't have the publication software only the reader.
> If you have the professional version you need to make sure the publication engine was installed.
> Click "My Computer" " Printers" and see if you have a printer labled "Envoy."  If you do then you
> are ready to publish.
> To get you documents to look exactly the way you want may take some work.  If their complicated
> i.e. hyperlinks, text fonts, etc.  But if your application prints in Windows 95 then you should be
> able to publish a document.
> There is a lot of good information in the Reference Center on your WP8 CD-ROM.  By the way, the
> "Reference Center" is all published in Envoy, this should give you an idea of how complicated an
> electronic document you can publish with Envoy.
> Arvel L. Williams, P.E.
> Lew Midlam wrote:
> > Arvel,
> >
> > I have WP Suite 8 with Envoy, but have never used it.  Thsi sounds like something I'd like to
> > try.  Can you go into a little more deteil on how to do this?
> >
> > Lew
> > =====================
> >
> > Arvel L. Williams, P.E. wrote:
> >
> >  The Envoy document publisher allows you to limit security of the documents, including letting
> > you leave it as a self-executing binary which can only be viewed on the screen.  We have tried
> > at our office to break the security with Screen Print to clipboard and CTRL-C and have yet to
> > get a metafile to paste.
> >
> > > The really neat thing is that iIt works just like a Windows printer and will export the fonts
> > > that you select.
> >