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RE: Fire Truck Loads

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I performed an informal survey to establish fire truck loading in Kansas City 2 years ago.  Fire truck manufacturers treat outrigger loading information as proprietary, and are not very forthcoming.  There have been accidents and roll overs.  

Contact the Fire Chief and ask him or the person in charge of the equipment to contact the various manufacturers to provide you with the maximum outrigger load.  There currently is nothing in the NFPA or the Building Codes that limits outrigger loading except for an NFPA limit of 75 psi on the outrigger foot.  

The outriggers on aerial platform trucks have the largest loads.  Some of the manufacturers are Sutphen, Seagrave, E-One, Pierce, American LaFrance, etc.

The 32 kip axial load covered all of Kansas City's needs, but I learned that Seagrave and E-One both produce aerials that can have outrigger loads of 60 kips.

In the ideal world, the Building Code and NFPA would have a prescribed limit and have load cells on the outriggers to see when you are pushing the envelope.

I also found that some trucks' axle load is greater than the HS20-44.  At a recent fire chief convention, one truck manufacturer was not allowed to cross the interstate bridges in Kansas.  They get waivers in some states because they are "emergency equipment" and not commercial trucks.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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ROB, can you post the following on the SEAOC server; thanks.

I am looking for generalized design information on fire truck loads.  Are 
the fire trucks axle loads limited to AASHTO HS20-44 or is there other axle 
and lane loading criteria?