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SEAoT Publications Now Available

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At it's quarterly meeting in Dallas, Texas last Friday, the State Board
of Directors of the Structural Engineers Association of Texas (SEAoT)
voted to make four important publications available for purchase.  This
is the first time that SEAoT publications have ever been offered to
non-members.  Each of the four publications is briefly described below.

*	Guideline for Practice (1987):	This 16-page document describes
the traditional practice of structural engineering in Texas,
particularly with respect to building projects.  It provides a detailed
Scope of Services to define what services a structural engineer in Texas
is, and is not, typically responsible for.  This document has been
frequently referenced as the definitive statement on the ordinary and
customary standard of care exercised by structural engineers in Texas.
Price:  $5.00 for members & $10.00 for non-members.

*	Services of the Structural Engineer Relative to Division 2
Design and Construction Administration (1994):	This 9-page document
clarifies the design and construction administration roles of the
structural engineer, the civil engineer, and the geotechnical engineer
with respect to site preparation, shoring and underpinning, excavation
support, earthwork, footings, piers and caissons, piles, paving, site
improvements, and landscaping.  Price:  $5.00 for members & $10.00 for

*	Report on Design & Construction Issues for Achieving Floors of
Acceptable Flatness and Levelness (1994):	This 44-page  document
presents a consensus of opinions that assess the issues and suggest
courses of action that will produce flat and level floors that meet the
expectations of building owners.  This document is directed toward
structurally isolated and elevated floor slabs in office and commercial
buildings, rather than slab-on-grade floors in industrial and retail
buildings.  Price:  $10.00 for members & $20.00 for non-members.

*	Concrete Tiltwall Panels on Pier Foundations (1998):	This
34-page document presents a new methodology for the design of tiltwall
panels supported only at their ends on relatively small drilled pier
foundations.  This approach is the first published solution to this
peculiar design problem, and yields results that are very economical
when compared with the results of more generic tiltwall design methods.
The document includes design rationale, analysis procedure, construction
issues, an example problem, and a comprehensive Excel 5.0 template on
floppy disk.  Price (Document + Disk):  $15.00 for members & $30.00 for

For more information on these documents, or to purchase them, please

				Structural Engineers Association of
				Post Office Box 637
				Austin, Texas  78767-0637


				Mr. Jon D. Jelinek, P.E.
				State Secretary
				Phone:  (512) 448-4712, Ext. 239
				Fax:  (512) 448-4773
				Email:  jonj(--nospam--at)

Respectfully posted by:

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., in Dallas
...who heartily recommends all four documents