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welded moment frames

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Thanks for your reply.
Massachusetts recently updated their state building code.It is essentially a
committee tweaked version of BOCA '96 which many eastern states use.
If you intend to design a steel building with an OMRF or SMRF which resists
all lateral loads,then there is code language requiring full scale "testing"
to demonstrate the connection's performance under lateral deflection.I'm
simplifying here because I don"t have the text in front of me.( I'll fax you a
few pages next week) The rational behind this code section is that at the time
of issue,no complete consensus was established regarding a
practical,economical post-Northridge seismic resisting moment connection.FEMA
267 and 267A are  still both works in progress.
Needless to say, structural engineers here are avoiding moment frame lateral
systems like the plague, and no one here is testing anything. Pretty humorous
for a state that hasen't experienced a major quake since anecdotal accounts of
one in 1755 ! Since the state also has a structural peer review process for
major buildings,this issue is under intense debate;particularly since many of
us believe that a building with ample redundancy (in quantity of frames), good
workmanship (removal of backing bars,etc.), and welds made with notch tough
weld material will perform well in our environment.