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The Southern California Earthquake Center at reports "This earthquake occurred on
the Newport-Inglewood fault zone, a system of right-lateral strike-slip
faulting. There was no surface rupture associated with this earthquake. It
resulted in 120 deaths and over $50 million in property damage. Most of the
damaged buildings were of unreinforced masonry. Many school buildings were
destroyed. Fortunately, however, the children were not present in the
classrooms. "  A good picture of "the collapse of part of Jefferson Junior
High School in Long Beach."

UC San Diego and the State Seismic Safety Commission report 115 deaths,  100s
injured, and 40-50 million in damage.

According to the Long Beach Historical Society at,  "...Though the epicenter of this
quake was 4 miles off the Newport Beach coast, Long Beach had the most lives
lost in one city -- 52 out of 119 total. In all, 500 Long Beach City residents
were injured. Many older buildings, such as The Breakers, survived the Quake
of '33. Wilson High lost its tower and school was held in tents. Water was
brought in by tankers."

A photo of the earthquake destroyed Peter H. Burnett School,   comprised of
three 2-story building, an auditorium and another small one-story brick
building,  can be found at

Ronnie Fong
Fremont,  CA

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FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at) writes:

> Although the schools were not in session at the time of the earthquake, it 
> was
>  reported that there were a few deaths and injuries to school children and
>  teachers, who were still in or near, the Long Beach or other Southern
>  California public school buildings at the time of the Long Beach
>  I am looking for specific newspaper and magazine articles, and book
>  references, etc. concerning the number of deaths and injuries to school
>  children and teachers, who were in or near the public school buildings,
>  occurred as the result of the March 10, 1933 Long Beach earthquake.
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