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Re: Torsional constant J

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Equations for calculating shear stiffness and torsional rigidity in cracked
concrete members can be found in the references listed below.  Whether or
not you should be applying these reduced stiffness values in your analysis
depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

See REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES by Park and Paulay (1975), pages
316-319, for shear stiffness of cracked concrete members with shear

See TORSION OF REINFORCED CONCRETE by Thomas T. C. Hsu (1984), pages
103-116 for torsional rigidity of cracked concrete members.

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At 11:20 AM 7/2/1998 PST, you wrote:
>Should cracked section property factors be applied to member section
>other than moment of inertia?  For example, should the torsional constant
"J" be
>modified for cracked sections?  If so, how does this factor relate to the
>used for moment of inertia?