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Re: L.A. City, Division 91/Continuity Ti

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Just a thought to kick about:

In a long, narrow building, with a ratio greater than ?:1, in addition to the 
sub-diaphragm concept, would a single continuity tie in the long direction, 
mid-way between the side (long) walls, be an effective solution?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bruce Resnick wrote:

. > Without continuous ties, the subdiaphragms, which everyone in the previous
. > posts is counting on, have a tendency to open up at the chord of the 
. > diaphragm due to the diaphragm deflection. Since the edge of the 
. > diaphragm is typically a main beam in one direction, and the purlins are 
. > typically hung, the purlins can pull off of the beam collapsing an entire 
. > portion of the roof. This type of failure was seen in Northridge.
. >