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RE: SEAOSC NEWSletter (for SEAOSC members) / Online

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Unfortunatly, I am not too sympathetic about this issue. I have offered as
much as I can, but I need to get my journal off the ground first. As with
anything, if you are not willing to do the work, you just are not going to
produce anything worth while.
Even before I resigned, it was difficult to get support from others. I did
not try to monopolize the writting by choice (trying to get used to this
tight keyboard on the new laptop)I just could not get sufficient support.
The first meeting we had at James Lord's home in Oakland, Mark Middlebrook
was a member of the committee. I remember that he predicted that I could not
keep up the writting pace and the newsletter would ultimately die off unless
others contributed. Mark is kind of strange - very direct in his comments
and not really interested in taking an active role in the maintaince of the
newsletter. He allowed us to use some of his articles and was most
benificial in proof-reading what I wrote and making corrections.
I was surprised when we finally met. We used to converse by email over the
years and he seemed most supportive. When I met him, he reminded me of
someone I might like - guitarist, backpacker, somewhat of a hippy but much
younger. The only problem was that he was as "Anal" as all of the other
Northern Chapter members on the committee.
Don't get me wrong, Mark was great to work with, but he was not the type of
person I could get close to. He would make strong suggestions that I should
tone down the personal relaxed writting style and produce something more
professional. When Shafat and I told the committee that this relaxed style
was something that made it popular, the Northern members had another
Your comments are the greatest compliment to me since you seem to miss what
I created for over six years. Mostafa paid me a hugh compliment by sending
me every issue (except the first and second) which I wrote. I never kept
copies - once it was out the door, I was through with it. Now it is fun to
reread some of the issues. There were a tremendous amount of mistakes in
spelling and grammar that I learned to identify and correct when Mark proof
read my work.
I replace Mark as proof-reader with Jane Gilbert from the SEAOSC office. She
understood my style and her degree was in a journalism. Jane was great to
work with. She knew what kinds of changes I could tolerate without losing
the style. She was a tremendous help to me.

With time, you will have the journal back, but privately. Those who are
interested will read it, those who did not like can choose not to subscribe.
I have some great contributers including Charles Greenlaw (I learned to
spell his name), Sandy Pringle, and a few others who you might enjoy. I am
offering to publish others and will pay them for their articals as soon as
IA&E begins to earn some money.

So, it's comming - soon I hope since I am paying now for the website and
just registered the domain name

Mostafa just called. We are going to try to get together for dinner tomorrow
night. He has a timeshare in Palm Springs (either his or his friends that
came along).

Take care and have a good 4th.


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> Subject: SEAOSC NEWSletter (for SEAOSC members) / Online
> Is it just me, or is anyone else disappointed in the substance
> (or absence)
> of Online which used to be a regular inclusion in the SEAOSC
> NEWSletter? In
> this (July-August 1998) issue, there was no Online (may it is not
> scheduled
> to get published every issue of NEWSletter) and the last issue was mostly
> reprints of articles written by Mark Middlebrook on CAD standards. While I
> appreciate all of Mark's tips on CAD, I really only need to read them once
> and it would have been nice to see articles on other engineering related
> topics as well. It seems that the quality and energy of this once
> informative and entertaining inclusion are all but just a distant memory.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen