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I've ordered software from various places on line, as well as books from  Never had a problem in the 15 or 20 times I've sent out my
credit card number.  I'm just a little careful not to send my credit card on
an unsecure server, which is usually not a problem as most larger online
retailers have secure pages that allow encrypted transactions.  It seems my
credit card company encourages the use of credit cards online also, as when
I asked about it the customer service person just explained various
safeguards - they only allow transactions for stuff being shipped to your
home, not anyone else's address and you're not responsible for more than $50
of charges that aren't yours if someone does get the number anyway.

So for my $0.02, have at it.  It's just way too convenient not to take
advantage of, and the risks seem very small.


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Subject: books purchase

dear collegues,

Thanks to the cyber bookstores, buying technical books/papers seems now
to be easier than ever for those (like myself) who are far away from the
usual source (usa).
But we still are afraid of giving our plastic (c.card) number through the

So, the question is: has anyone of you (or know other people) had any
?trouble? or bad experience whith this procedure, or it is stadistically

I would kindly appreciate your opinion.

juan justo